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  1. Ah we have two grad students in the lab from this program. Usually the interviews are pretty chill, and the current first year students's opinions about you matters a lot, so be nice They accept around 8 people per year, and it's rolling admission. They will send invite to the first 8 students, then if any declined, they will accept next in the waitlist. It's a close-knit program that they hangout with each other all the time and they seem pretty happy in general, so you are lucky!
  2. My roommate who graduated from this program last year and heavily involved in the admission while he was there told me that they send invites in rounds. They usually invite 70-80 people for interview, accept around 50 while admit around 30 people. I think I saw 4 interview invites from the forum results search (?), I guess you can still be hopeful or give them a call to confirm!
  3. Is is true that Harvard BBS only sent out one interview batch? If so, I'm kinda glad since this is my only chance of leaving this area... Also, have anyone heard from Stanford Bioscience and UCSD BMS? I got interview from UCSF BMS and UCSD Bio so far, which are my top choices, so I don't really care for the rest (hopefully I don't fuck up the interviews!).
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