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  1. LiaLuver - I did. However, they were not available so I left a kind message. LiaLuver - I did. However, they were not available so I left a kind message. ImmunoGuy & LiaLuver - a colleague of mine reached out to a current PhD student at Miami who said that around this time last year is when she was first contacted by the school. Also, made it a point to say they do take their time. So hopefully we will hear from them soon. Likewise, best of luck to everyone!
  2. Oops, nevermind. I found their number. I had some internal browser issues :/
  3. Thank you for the update! Even though that is such a long timeline. Do you mind sharing their grad office # with me .. I can't seem to locate it on the website. Thanks!
  4. we are in the same boat :/ It is a bit nerve wrecking since I have heard from all other programs, but fingers crossed they might be going at their own pace. If I get any word, I will keep you posted.
  5. Hi - have you heard from UMiami? They notified that they extended their deadline for document submission until 1/31. I followed up again a week ago for an update - but still nothing. Just curious to know whats going on. Thanks!
  6. I am in the same boat as you regarding NYU sackler and Berkeley MCB. I know interview invites have been sent out, however it has been radio silence for me. Also reached out via e-mail to the departments to see if I can check on my status - no reply yet. It sure is nerve wrecking. I am fighting every power in me to assume its a rejection, so lets hope we might still have a chance.
  7. Thank you all for your input. Good luck everyone.
  8. Has anyone here heard from the following schools/dept? UC Berkeley - MCB UC Davis - BMCDB Columbia - Micro & Immuno NYU Sackler - Biomed UMiami - Micro & Immuno UMaryland (Baltimore) - GPILS, Molecular Micro & Immuno UFlorida - Biomed, Biochem & Molecular Bio I am an international student (currently in US) and was not sure if they contact international students last because they assume it will only be a skype interview. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! PS. Good luck to those with upcoming interviews.
  9. I noticed the same comment. The reason I asked is because I have not been contacted yet, so I was trying to decipher if that was a bad thing or not. In other words, do I still have a chance. In any case thank you for sharing the information. Best of luck to you and everyone else.
  10. Thank you for sharing! Are recruitment invites sent only to those who already have been contacted for an admission interview?
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