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  1. Hey, before you all freak out about my post...I have no clue how to use forums/threads whatever they are. So, please chill if I posted in the wrong section or if something else bothers those of you with OCD. I am applying to grad schools next cycle for a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Drug Discovery. I have been trying to find the stars and background of those students who are accepted to programs, but really can’t, even after emailing millions. I am assuming that the typical ACCEPTED student has a 3.7+ GPA, competitive GRE, at least one publication. But I don’t really know... Also, let me know how I compare. I would really appreciate it! I have three patents for a hit compounds applications in Alzheimer’s and surprisingly cosmetics. Conducted research for 4 years and 6 months, primarily at a stem cell lab for neurodiseases, and a pharma lab as well as a tissue engineering/regenerative medicine lab. Perfect score on the GRE, except writing at a 5.0 so not perfect really. This is the problem...my GPA is at a 3.0, because of continuous medical issues during three semesters, where I could not even attend exams one semester. All good now, but I don’t even have a chance at explaining this scenario on the applications. Again, sorry if several of you flip out over the fact that I can’t use a basic forum. I never have, and never will learn how to use one. And also thanks for those who answer! Peace

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