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  1. Thank you for the in-depth response! All those questions have been my majors concerns while looking into this. While I think I could might be able to get into a PhD program for 2019, if I stayed I could cure all of the problems you brought up. Honestly it’s just the cost of living that has been getting to me. I’ll take it all into account when I’m making my decision. Thanks once again to both of you!
  2. Thanks for the response! I think I am going to explore the option and make sure that I justify it by leaving for financial reasons.
  3. Hey everyone! I am in my first semester of a MA in literature program. I love the program but the cost of living, DC area, is extremely stressful, I fully understand that I should have thought about that more in advance. So I’ve thought about transferring after the first year to another MA program. If anyone has any experience doing that I would love to hear about your experiences? My other idea was to just apply for PhD programs for fall 2019? I was coming from a different field of study which is why I went with MA programs to begin with. But would i have enough Literature experience now to apply to PhD ones or should i just finish out the MA first?
  4. Wow thank you all for the replies and being honest! I’m going to take all of it into account moving forward. Hopefully if all goes as planned I’ll be back in the forum for application cycles! But I’m not going to just jump the gun. I can see it will be a lot of work and overall i think the best advice is that i need to attempt some upper level literature classes to start. Once again thank all of you. I was not expecting such in-depth responses!
  5. Hello! So I have a situation that I was hoping this forum could shed some light on. I am currently in law school and highly considering a switch to working toward a MA/PhD in Literature with the goal of academia. My main issue is that my BA was in political Science and I don’t have any English classes other than comp 1&2 and a creative writing class. This is due to the fact that litteraute has always been my personal passion with the overall goal being to get to law school which polical science/government classes have been much more helpful in preparing for. If I could go back I would have filled my schedule with every literature class available, but sadly that is not an option. What is the best course to move forward? I think starting with an MA would be smart since I don’t have the background, but even many of those want English majors or at least a substantial amount of credits in the subject. Should I attempt to take some English credits during the summer at some school or should I just look for a friendly MA program that I could get into. If you know any or have any good advice please let me know. Thank you in advance!
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