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  1. I haven't heard anything. I just checked my status and it is still under review.
  2. My status changed to under review a few days ago. It seems from last years thread, that people should be hearing back for interviews shortly. I hope that I don't get a call while I am my vacation. I didn't apply to any other programs. Good luck everyone!!
  3. I wish! Online learning is not for me. I do better in a classroom setting. I thought the references were also due Feb 1. Good luck!
  4. I work in the home care field. I've held three different roles within the same organization. My experience ranges from assessing clients for service to assisting EMR implementation. It's a little over the place. I hope that my experience and references get me in lol.
  5. Hi Everyone! So glad you all responded. I was getting a little nervous because previous years had active threads. I have roughly seven years of experience in healthcare. I also have two undergraduate degrees one in Health Management and Public Health. I just need to submit my application. I am very nervous. I don't have very high hopes of getting into the program lol.
  6. Hi - I am wondering if anyone is applying for the Masters of Health Informatics at the University of Toronto? I am just trying to get my references together. I am not confident in my application because of my GPA (which is lower than I would like) however, I have experience in healthcare. I've seen threads from Fall 2016 and 2017. Just curious.
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