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  1. I applied to RGGS! I got an email from the Grant Committee head last week(January 10th) saying they were in the process of reviewing my application currently. So that was the only contact I have so far from them. But best of luck to you!
  2. Undergrad Institution: Top Florida State SchoolMajor(s): BiologyMinor(s): NoneGPA in Major: 3.33Overall GPA: 3.17Position in Class: Above average most likely? Type of Student: Domestic female GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 151 (52nd percentile) V: 155 (59th percentile) W: 4.5 (82nd percentile) B: NA Research Experience: Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium (2 research cruises with Georgia Tech and Sanibel) (2 publications) Awards/Honors/Recognitions: GSUSA representative for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts's Environmental Conference in Switzerland. Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Math tutor at university multiple semesters, volunteer at local girl scout council for the Gold Award Committee and program developer for STEAM activities. Applying to Where: Brandeis University - Biochemistry & Biophysics Rochester - Genetics, Stem Cell & Development Buffalo - Chemical & Bioengineering Fordham- Molecular & Cellular Biology American Museum of Natural History- Comparative Biology USF- Medicinal Science My research revolve around understanding how environmental stimuli effect phenotypic characteristics especially in diseases and population evolution.
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