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  1. Thanks for the detailed response! The past few weeks have changed my feelings a bit; I'm leaning towards UChicago since I have two summer rotations locked in, whereas I have none at UMich. Also, the professors at UChicago have been unbelievably helpful and have made sure to keep in touch, whereas my favorite professor from UMich (the one who was recruiting me) has not responded to any of my emails for two weeks, and I have no summer rotation set. The faculty at UMich are DEFINITELY much more diverse than at UChicago, as is the student body. Faculty diversity does matter to me but student body diversity is less of an issue, for me, mostly because my undergraduate institution was very homogenous. Either way, I got along with students best at UChicago, but just as well at UMich. I'm unsure of whether I want to go to industry or academia after grad school but I appreciate the information. What other things swayed you to UChicago (facilities, the city, etc.) away from Big Ten? Also, one of the main things holding me back IS knowing that I would regret not attending UChicago (I've been in love with it since high-school). I'm less certain of this, but I feel like I'd also regret not attending an institution that is offering me a merit fellowship right off the bat. Do you think it'd be foolish of me to turn down such a fellowship (would that have changed your own decision if the Big 10 school offered one)? Anyways, thanks for some perspective on your own decision-making process, there's a lot of overlap and your insight has been super helpful!
  2. Judging by the way you talked about all the schools, Stanford sounds like your favorite. Personally, I don't think that a professor not having tenure yet is a bad thing. I am intentionally picking professors who's labs are young because I feel like they are more hungry/eager to prove themselves and publish. Also, keep in mind that your interests might (in fact, most likely will) change once you enter grad school. I'd try to expand the scope of professors you're looking at, maybe include some professors who are in other departments (chemical biology, chemical engineering, or just other disciplines of chemistry) that are conducting some sort of synthetic work, especially if the school allows you to join research groups outside of o-chem without much hassle. Scripps was my dream school but I have heard from many, many students that it is very cut-throat and that some of the students are miserable. I guess that's the price you pay for working with researchers of their caliber. I would advise against going to a school you couldn't see yourself being happy at or getting along with the students. Work-life balance is important, even if you love your work. Also, personally, location is rather low on my list of priorities. I'm from the East Coast so I'm a bit biased but the cost-of-living might make the stipends you received at Stanford/Scripps stretch less (and I'm not a fan of perpetually sunny weather). I'm only considering schools from the Midwest and public transportation is a must for me, not sure if it is for you. I'd rank facilities above location, but to each their own!
  3. Thanks for the response! I actually really want to try being a TA, so I would most likely defer the fellowship, at least for a semester. UMich has more professors I'm absolutely in love with (and they have more professors to pick from), but I've been disheartened of late because most have not responded to my requests to work in the lab over the summer (my favorite professor, the one who was recruiting me hard, hasn't responded to my email & follow-up email in two weeks); one actually got back to me but is so new that his lab hasn't even been set up yet! At UChicago, I have two professors I really like and who are enthusiastic about me coming (they offered me joint-entry into the summer research program). They have made sure to respond to any of my questions on time and have been more attentive as a whole (something I definitely value). I guess I have a couple of pressing questions: do you think it would be too eager of me to call my favorite professor at Michigan to see if she can host me over the summer? I don't want to impose or put them on the spot but I'd much rather make a decision this week than next. Also, would it be foolish of me to turn down the opportunity of entering grad school with a merit fellowship? My career advisor at my undergrad institution told me to think of the merit fellowship as negating any differences in prestige I might perceive between the two schools.
  4. Hello All, I want to keep this relatively short so I'll start by saying that I am currently deciding between UChicago & UMichigan (fully funded PhD), although I just visited UIUC (am still processing the visit but my gut is not as blown away as I was by the first two). UMichigan gave me a full merit fellowship (5 semesters, full funding the rest of my 5 years) that would allow me to avoid TA duties if I so choose. UChicago's stipend is higher and they gave me a small recruitment fellowship after I visited. I came from a small, liberal arts college so I feel like UChicago, as an institution, is more in line with the educational philosophy of my own undergraduate institution; it also has the small-school feel I am used to. Additionally, I feel like it has a higher prestige, as a whole, than UMichigan, which my advisor said might come into play after grad school (though I feel like on the department level, they are very much equals). I also come from NYC so Chicago is much more like home. What's making my choice very difficult is my bias towards UChicago as an institution and the fact that I am being recruited fairly heavily by my favorite professor at UMichigan; the stipends are almost identical when adjusted for cost of living but UMichigan's holds more prestige. Anyway, as a first-generation college student and a student from several underrepresented backgrounds, I thought I'd ask you guys for any advice. Any, and all advice/thoughts would be much appreciated! Please feel free to message me as well!
  5. Thanks, really appreciate it! I agree, it's was a long shot (my top choice) but I have other options. Just visited Uchicago and it was absolutely fantastic
  6. Got my rejection from Columbia as well. At least this year they sent it in February, last year they did so in late March. Edit for gg.rose: Judging from the tone of the email would you say that it's mostly rejections at this point? Last year they emailed me on the 21st of Feb, interviews are right around the corner too
  7. Last year I heard back on 02/21 to say I was rejected. It was just a couple of days before the interviews though so I was expecting it. Scripps is my top choice so best of luck to both of us!
  8. Undergrad Institution: Small top 25ish Liberal Arts CollegeMajor(s): Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyMinor(s):GPA in Major: 3.08Overall GPA: 3.30Position in Class: N/AType of Student: Domestic, First-Generation, Low SES, MinorityGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 159V: 161W: 4.5S: 690 (oops)Research Experience: 3 summer research experiences, including a prestigious fellowship from my institution allowing for independent lab work; half-year industry experience performing NIEHS-funded research; undergraduate senior thesisAwards/Honors/Recognitions: NSF Stem Scholar, Commended for Excellence by department (2x)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: Tutor in E-Chem, O-Chem, I-Chem, Curriculum development for early-college students taking O-Chem designed to be "green"Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Asked by faculty to lead a Students of Color Brunch in STEM to those interested in conducting undergrad researchSpecial Bonus Points: Graduated a semester early while completing my thesis; took almost exclusively upper-division science classes since I used transfer credits from my Early College Program to fulfill general requirements.Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: Training in biochemistry, psychopharmacology, and air-free chemistry techniques, plus hands-on work with chemical instrumentation
  9. Hi I've been lurking here for quite some time, anyone hear from Columbia or Scripps for the organic chemistry track? Seems like UNC and UW are lost causes for me.
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