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  1. @chemthrowaway Ehhh maybe try a little bit harder if you wanted to stay anonymous? Saying that you included your current institution on the list and listing your state in the location part is like lowkey hoping someone would recognize you on Gradcafe. It seems this entire process stressed you out way way more than it should lol
  2. Hey, congrats! I also got that acceptance letter from Duke! I applied to analytical/ bioanalytical so I don't think the discipline matter much. There seems to be another wave of acceptance in early January so everyone else, keep your hope!
  3. Notre Dame is on my list but their deadline is not until Jan-15 so I haven't put mine in yet. I heard so too but one of them put their application in super early, (like August?) so maybe the adcom will just look at the rest of the application in batches later.
  4. I planned on applying to 6 originally but decided to apply to 2 more safety school just in case. Luckily 2 schools offered fee waivers (GaTech and Vanderbilt), but still, this whole applying process is financially straining af. Also, I need to stop myself from checking the results site and my mailbox every 2 hours... I mean the Dec 15th deadline is not even passed yet.
  5. I am a female international student, got my BS in the US. I'm finishing my application but I think I'm not applying to enough schools. Undergrad School: A small, non-research, liberal art women's college in the US Undergrad Major: Chemistry Undergrad GPA: 3.95 out of 4.0 GRE: Q = 170 , V = 157 , AW = 5.0 TOEFL iBT: 114 (S = 25) Chemistry Subject GRE: I bombed it, so I won't send it in unless it says "highly recommended" Courses: I had all the basic required Chemistry classes except Inorganic Chemistry Took the only advanced Chem class available (Advanced Organic Spectroscopy) Research Experience: _1.5 years working at an oceanography lab on 2 projects _ 2 independent projects on trivial stuff (method developments) _ 2 internships at the state's toxicology lab (building reference library) and an industrial R&D lab (work on a method development projects) _ A bunch of independent mini-research projects for classes. _ All of my research projects (big or small, academic or industrial) are presented at either school/Southern regional seminars and conferences. No publication Other relevant info: _ Award for outstanding chemistry senior, award for academic achievement, members of honor societies _ 3 years working as a tutor for Sciences classes LORs: _One solid letter from my professor (taught me 5 classes and oversaw my projects) _One okay-good one from my lab's PI (pretty famous in her field, but I'm not applying to her field unfortunately lol) _One good one from my academic advisor SOPs: I'm tailoring my SOP to each program I'm applying to make sure my interest and experience are relevant to the said program. Applying: Duke, Purdue, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, GaTech, Emory Am I aiming too high for schools in the 30s rank? I try to apply to private institutions tho. What are other programs should I try that would be more in my range? Also, is it too late now to contact professors? Thank you for your input!
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