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  1. If you enter the portal, and the decision on you has made, then you will see the "view decision letter" button. You click it, and a pdf file will be downloaded.
  2. Below is what I just got via email Dear, xxx Thank you again for applying to Washington University. The review of your application is now complete, and can be viewed on your application portal. If you have any questions, or have issues accessing your account or decision letter, please contact us at GraduateSchool@wustl.edu. Sincerely, The Graduate School Office of Admissions Washington University in St. Louis 1 Brookings Dr. St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
  3. Just got a rejection from Washu; email told me to enter the portal and check. I thought I had a real chance, since my SOP and WS were so related their topic of interest. :/ But glad to know the definite result early rather than waiting for an everprocessing decision
  4. So what do we have in this week yet? I am waiting for Columbia and Washu...
  5. Can't agree more. This is how things should be. Go Michigan even though I am not part of it!
  6. Just got a generic rejection letter At least Michigan do things rapidly, I like it!
  7. Congrats all to Michigan acceptees! I hear nothing by far so it would be safe to assume I am rejected.
  8. Thank you for the info. I just checked my portal and found out I am rejected from Duke... I wish you the best luck!
  9. I have a dumb question: the application portals of Yale and Columbia let applicants keep uploading materials such as SOP and WS after the deadline. Yale says that the old materials will be replaced by the uploaded ones, so the old become unavailable and the committee will only see the new one. IF you check them right now, you will see that they are wide open. Does this mean that if we upload materials anytime after the deadline such as now, those materials are available to the committee? I do not take this seriously given the time frame and the amount of the application such schools take, but
  10. For who are interested, Columbia announced at Feb 8th last year and Feb 10th a year before it even though the school may not be CHYMPS
  11. As another anxious weekend is going by, we again delve into the seductive topic of rankings...
  12. As long as I have heard, when we call CHYMPS, some say C is for Cal Berkeley and some others say Columbia or Chicago.
  13. a dumb question: what is M supposed to stand for in CHYMPS? I thought it always has been Michigan, but saw someone saying it is MIT.
  14. I got 2 by far. One mentions that I will be funded without further detail. The other clearly notifies that what kind of and amount of funding that I will get.
  15. In the exact opposite situation. Accepted to NYU while just received rejection from UCSD and waiting to receive one from Duke. Why sad? UCSD and Duke seems to be #10 right now and while NYU is great too, the school always has been #25 in other areas than methodology. Ranking isn't everything but unless you want NYU specifically, it seems that you do not have to be in sad face. Be happy!
  16. Also got rejection from Princeton and acceptance from NYU!
  17. IT's also my first choice too. I really hope we can hear something positive from it by today. I truly don't want to spend another weekend in dark and anxiety; I would rathrer be in bliss or total despair (hopefully bliss!).
  18. It seems that WashU do not announce today... UCSD maybe? and did anyone get an official rejection letter from Northwestern, Duke, and Princeton?
  19. Today seems bit quiet by far. Anybody heard anything from anywhere yet?
  20. Let's see what happen til this cycle is over. I think it is not too late to get frustrated and depreciate yourself by then.
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