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  1. Alejandro12

    CUNY J-School 2018

    Cool! Are Spanish Language concentration applicants supposed to hear back later or around the same time?
  2. Alejandro12

    Columbia 2018

    I'm a little out of the loop here. What is the posted result? For the record, I only applied to the general MS program, not the Documentary.
  3. Alejandro12

    CUNY J-School 2018

    Did you apply anywhere else? I only applied to CUNY and Columbia and now I’m regretting it haha. Should’ve sent more out just in case.
  4. Alejandro12

    CUNY J-School 2018

    Anyone out there waiting to hear back from CUNY for their MA in Journalism program? I know they said mid-March but I’m refreshing my email every chance I get.

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