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  1. Daya

    UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Small question: when you mention "letting your HR person know", are you talking about a HR focal point to NETI succesful applicants or the HR person of the particular random position you are applying to? Thanks @TropicalGuy
  2. Daya

    UNICEF NETI Program Notifications?

    Hello everyone, I have some questions regarding Unicef Talent Group. Perhaps you might know. Last year I went through a recruitment process for a P3 position in Child Protection. The process was very similar to NETI (written test, interviews, contacting my references), and I got an email informing that I was not selected for the position, however I was assigned to the Talent group of my functional area (3 years, not guarantee an offer, etc etc). 1. Is this the same Talent Group where NETI successful applicants are also placed? For instance, would it be useless/indifferent to participate in an eventual NETI cohort for Child Protection in the future (as I have been informed I am already in a pool)? 2. Do you know people in these Talent Groups (NETI or not) who have been contacted/offered positions? I am always very skeptical of those talent pools. How can we strengthen our chances to be contacted? Directly contact offices; apply for announced vacancies and mention about the placement in talent group? 3. Are there actually positions not advertised for which recruiting managers seek candidates from the pool? Thank you for the discussion! This forum was very helpful!

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