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  1. I hear you. I haven't met a ton of people out in the profession who are UK grads but Edward Blum does really good work so that's a testament to the program. If you're interested in the Civil War era, you may want to consider Northwestern, NYU, and UC Davis. Princeton could also be interesting. Matt Karp is doing really good work and is likely to get tenure. Also, there's probably not a better person on 19th century black life than Tera Hunter right now. 10 years ago I would have told you to seriously consider Maryland but all their folks who work on emancipation and the Civil War are on t
  2. It may make more sense to think about your potential research along the lines of subject instead of region. Are you interested in antebellum political culture? The Civil War and Reconstruction? Slavery and Emancipation? Populism and the New South? Gender and Jim Crow? Either way, the top programs for southern history are going to be Yale and UNC. Yale is the house C. Vann Woodward built and has Glenda Gilmore and David Blight. UNC is basically the epicenter of all things southern studies related and has top tier folks in every subfield. The next tier is going to be the University of
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