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  1. Could you deleter my work experience section in the post, it is too specified and contains personal info (somewhat).
  2. Hello, I am currently studying BSc (Hons) degree in STEM subject at one of top universities in UK. I recently applied Columbia University School of Professional Studies's Applied Analytics & Enterprise Risk Management course but I am not sure my application is competitive enough to get in those programmes. GPA: 2.8 (according to WES evaluation report) - if I am averaging it the UK grading scale, the GPA should be over 3.0 but I failed one modules and got some Cs... and it makes my GPA lower than 3.0.... Damn it.. Even my GPA seems low but I really did well in quantitive classes such as statistical or research methods (mostly A~A-) which related to applied analytics course. Work experiences: [removed for identifying info] Other experiences: 1. Society president for an year (managed more than 100 members). 2. Enrolled and trained as Reserve Forces since 2015. Additional information: 1. Limited work proficient in R and Python and Fluent in SPSS statistical analysis. 2. A tons of society activities: more than 10 in my undergrad studies. not sure but I assume my LoR would be good... I know Columbia is so competitive but is there any chances for me to get accepted...?
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