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  1. Statpotential

    Iowa State program

    Ah okay. Would you recommend UFL, UC Davis, and Rutgers? How are their reputations for placing students in academia?
  2. Statpotential

    Iowa State program

    So a good post doc would be hard to get then even if I worked with an advisor with a good reputation?
  3. Statpotential

    Iowa State program

    Hi, I was considering applying for the stat PhD program at Iowa State for fall 2019 and they seem to be well ranked and have a lot of qualities in a school that I like. However, I've read that their reputation isn't as great any more and there aren't as many big names working in the department. Is that true, or are they still a reputable program that's considered top 20? Are they a program from which I would be able to get a good post doc position after graduating?

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