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  1. Mystery'sHistory

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    I am not 100% positive on their exact system, but If you are not outright denied in the next week I think it is safe to assume that you have been waitlisted. A good amount of people that I know in the Department of History at IU have received admittances in March and April.
  2. Mystery'sHistory

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    Ah, different department altogether.
  3. Mystery'sHistory

    Fall 2018 Applicants

    @HistoricScout @Guest1101 IU's first round of decisions have gone out. They only have a private waitlist, so if you are on that waitlist it is possible that you will be accepted as late as April 15th without any prior notification. Regarding psstein's comment, I am not sure where you heard about IU's funding problems, but as of late they only admit students that they can fully fund for five years. It also depends on what field you are in... IU's history department has been considerably defunded over the years, but the School of Global and International Studies has an insane amount of federal funds at their disposal, much of which goes to history grad students who apply for grants, fellowships, etc.

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