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  1. Thanks everybody! I asked a fellow student but I didn't think of asking the department or the International Students Office.
  2. Hi there, I'm a French student who is starting the PhD program in philosophy at Cornell in the fall. I just came across a problem and I was wondering if someone had a solution. I wanted to post an ad on craigslist in order to find a room in Ithaca, but it turns out there is some kind of phone authentication involved, which requires a US phone number, something I don't have for obvious reasons. Does anyone know how to activate one's account when one's doesn't have a US phone number?
  3. SomewhatFeral > thanks for telling me about the visit, it's nice to see that you got the same impression from your visit as I had from my discussions with professors and students there. I suppose you're the same somewhatferal from philprospective who's into ancient philosophy. That's great, I guess we'll see each other in the fall then! Also, if you happen to find a nice place to live and need a roommate, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'll do the same thing for you, but unfortunately I won't really have time to look for something until some time, and more importantly I won't be able to v
  4. Also, I don't know if there are any philosophy students reading this, but if there are and if they visited Cornell, I would very much like to hear about the impressions they had during their visit. As I said before, I already accepted Cornell's offer, so it won't affect my decision, but I'm really curious about how it was since I wasn't able to come I would also like to know if they already have any plans with regards to housing and if they received any good advice about that issue during the visit. You can PM me if you want, if you are out there that is.
  5. After what you said, I think I'll just wait to see if the folks from university housing makes me an offer, and if they don't then I'll start looking for something else. I'm so late in my work for my thesis that I don't have the time to look for a place right now anyway. Does anybody know when is university housing supposed to inform one whether they have someplace for him? Indeed, it could be a problem if their answer came too late, for I guess it would make things harder to find something decent off-campus then. Thanks again to everyone for your comments, I couldn't attend the visitation so I
  6. Thanks again to you all for your advices and information. What I'm thinking right now is that, since I wouldn't be able to visit apartments until June, at this time of the year I would probably have to take whatever I can find, no matter how shitty it is. So, I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't take an apartment right now, while there's still choice and the prices have not gone stratospheric yet, without even having seen the damn thing first. After all, I was going to do the same with university housing, and yet it looks like it's really bad from what you tell me. What do you think about th
  7. Thanks for the advice, I understand that university housing is less than ideal, but I thought that it could be the best solution in my case. Indeed, I won't be able to visit apartments until June, and I don't feel like picking one I haven't seen. But then it's true that I won't be able to see the apartment I'm offered by university housing either, provided I'm even offered one, which, as you said, is very hypothetical. There's also the fact that I thought that first year graduate students like me would most likely go through university housing to find a place to live, so I would be around peop
  8. Hi everybody! I'm a French student and I just accepted Cornell's offer. I study philosophy by the way. It seems absolutely fantastic, I can't wait to be there! I also submitted an application for university housing yesterday. I think it might be the best solution for my first year, until I know more about Ithaca and find something cheaper.
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