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  1. I was recently accepted into my dream PhD program at a British school with an excellent reputation (which is very exciting!!). I’m still waiting to hear about the two internal funding opportunities I applied for, but I know it's possible that I may not receive any funding. My question is…should I still accept the PhD if I don’t get any funding? Or do I turn it down? (I’ve outlined some pros and cons below.) Pros: - It’s a very well-respected school with an excellent program for what I want to study. I may not get another chance like this anytime soon. - It’s something I’ve wanted to do forever and would help me progress toward my dream of being an academic. - I would get to live with my fiancé and we could finally start our lives together (we’ve been long distance for 3 years now, with him in the UK and me in the US). Cons: - Even though I received many scholarships, I still have quite a bit of student loan debt from a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees. I don’t exactly enjoy the idea of more student loan debt... I know I could take out a loan for only for the first year and try to secure funding for the other two years, but there's no guarantee I would find funding in the end. - I’m in a Humanities field…so self-funding a PhD wouldn’t necessarily pay off later in terms of an increased salary or anything like that. - I’ve read that self-funding a PhD is looked down upon in academia and may limit my chances of getting an academic job after finishing the program. Please help! I think I should probably say no to the unfunded PhD, but maybe I'm wrong...? Thank you in advance!!!
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