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  1. Our year it was the first of March. With everything going on I wouldn’t be surprised if they waited that long or longer due to changes in country assignments.
  2. Are you part of the facebook group? There's probably a lot of people there who would appreciate being a part of this too. Although admittedly people aren't as active this year as they were in the past it seems.
  3. Not last year, but their average is 10% accepted I believe.
  4. That's me! I'm a Turkish 2018 alumni. I'm applying for Hindi this year. I still adore Turkish and study it frequently, but have little desire to go back to Baku. What's your target language?
  5. Accepted for Turkish!!!!! I’m in the middle of class and started losing it while the teacher talked about STI’s.
  6. Someone else on the Facebook group called and got the answer that it won’t be later than next Thursday.
  7. I know it’s frustrating but I’m sure they’re doing everything they can. It’s a massive undertaking. CLS comes out a whole month earlier than almost any other study abroad scholarship I know of.
  8. I feel like I’m not waiting with too much bated breath today, being a Thursday. Everyone has been kind of leaning towards either tomorrow or next week so *shrug*.
  9. Why you gotta play me like that. Edit: removing personal info
  10. Pretty sure that’ll be the case. Edit: I would love to work one of these programs one year so I can see the insanity that probably happens.
  11. They’ve explicitly said multiple times that it would be by the end of this week. Usually they give themselves a pretty lenient window. If they thought they needed more time they probably would have said next week when asked. Stay positive, all we can do is wait anyway
  12. My guess is either tomorrow (end of February) or Friday, since it’s “early March” and the end of the week. But what do I know, I’m just as in the dark as anyone else haha.
  13. They’re vague to be vague. Every study abroad scholarship I’ve ever encountered does the same thing. They’ll never tell you a direct answer regarding when things will be sent out.
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