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  1. Hi all! Not sure this thread is still alive but I’ll give it a try. I’ve applied to the same program you are in and I’m so tired of waiting. Also, I have to tell my boss if I’m staying with my current position (which is pretty good, but it’s competitive and I have to reapply every year, and I’m about to miss the deadline) or I will drop it forever and join the research program of my dream. I’m trying to estimate the chances, so I’ll ask a couple of questions and hope you can help me. Did you have interviews with your POI? Were you in contact with your POI? Are there any international students in your cohort? How many people are in your cohort? Do you know any faculty members who surely or most likely do not accept any students? Did you have research experience and publications in the field of education? I have only 7 years of teaching and research in another field, and I am an international candidate, so I’m not sure if the faculty will appreciate this. When did it happen when you received your acceptances? Was it early in comparison to rejections?
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