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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone (gates scholars) had their financial condition completed already?? Luisa said two weeks.. but mine is still outstanding.
  2. Yes, I did the same. I sent Luisa an email asking for confirmation... I was scared I may have unwillingly ticked the "No, thank you" option...
  3. Hi, does anyone -perhaps those from the US round who already got an offer letter- know how much is the maintenance stipend at the 2018/2019 rate that the Gates Cambridge is offering? I would very much appreciate this information! I was also wondering if you do accept the Gates, are you allowed to keep other minor funding that may come through? - in the Cambridge Trust Scholarships, for instance, even though you have full funding, you are allowed to keep any extra funding that you are given only if it is no more than 3,000 pounds per year... Any insights on this would be very much app
  4. Hi! I received the e-mail just a few days ago, as a separate decision. When I had my funding interview, back in January, I was told by my department that I had been nominated for Cambridge Trust funding and the Gates.
  5. I did. I was offered the Cambridge International Scholarship today. I haven't accepted the scholarship yet, but I guess I will tell them my decision will be delayed, since I'm waiting to interview with Gates on late March...
  6. Yes! I am , what will you be studying??
  7. Definitely will choose Skype, cause I’m in Peru atm. I’m so nervous!! Congrats to everyone who received invites!! And strength to those who await
  8. Hi, yes, I got an invite to arts.
  9. invitations have started rolling out
  10. Nothing on my side either. I presume they will start sending invitations on Monday... hopefully.
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