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  1. I'm not sure about denials but they send an email invite yes. The email asked me to accept 'no later than the 8th of March' so reserve candidates can be promoted -based on that I would assume the 8th is around the latest applicants would hear
  2. I received an email from my department with an offer around the 14th feb then an official offer on the 22nd, from memory my portal only changed once i recieved that second email. Each department would have different numbers of applications to consider so would likely have different timelines for when you would hear back.
  3. Thanks!! 27th and 28th of March. Can request a date but wont find out timetables or panels until after the invites have all gone out and been accepted And Akimtansi my applicant portal changed today to show my college offer? Or do you mean a different portal?
  4. Just got an interview invite, they're out! (or they are rolling out for arts at least)
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