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  1. same exact email. don't worry about college rejections, it's fairly meaningless. you'll eventually get a college. the international trust has put ~141 awardees on their website (including vice chancellor's awards) i think there is still half of them left. so we should be patient.
  2. yeah, apparently you do get nominated by the department and have to wait until July (maximum) to hear back from them. they don't follow a particular timeline of when they would announce the awardees. although the first round was started last week.
  3. Has anyone got invited after Tuesday 6 March (when apparently all the invitations were sent)? If not, I don't really understand why they don't just tell us our application was turned down
  4. congrats! So do they give you a 48hrs deadline to get back to them?
  5. I am quoting Colette from Gates who just replied to my email: "Thank you for your email. Successful candidates will hear back by end of this week, early next week." So, we still have to wait
  6. i am also on the biological science panel and am waiting (trying to stay optimistic). i have been accepted to Churchill
  7. well, looks like everyone who got invited today are from social sciences panel
  8. congrats to all who got invited! so is it only the people from social sciences and arts who are receiving the invites or are there people from the natural sciences who got invited as well?
  9. they very likely will. some received the rejection emails a day after they sent out the emails to applicants who got shortlisted/accepted.
  10. you mean they have dual citizenships? i think the website says that the 35 people from the US have already been selected (their names are on their website). So, you are saying that out of the remaining 55 scholarships, some will be offered to applicants from the States again?
  11. same! i didn't see anyone from the US either! Best of luck to you.
  12. i just noticed something and thought i would share here and get your views: i got accepted to the phd genetics programme in early feb. it looks like the gates has a relatively predictable trajectory of how many geneticists they support every year (avg ~1 and sd ~1). is it the same in your programmes too?
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