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  1. Hello folks! I am an international student who will soon start doing a PhD in psychology in the US. Since I am working in the field of psycholinguistics (language acquisition), I will also have to test native speakers of my language for my research - which means that I will have to regularly travel to my home country to recruit participants there and to conduct research with them. Now, here is the thing. I have met my advisor last week, and among other things, we have also talked about the issue of IRB (Institutional Review Board, aka Ethics Committee) approval for research. In the studie
  2. Thank you. As a matter of fact, yesterday I went to the hospital where I had had my early childhood vaccines (not the ones administered to me when I was at school), but the employees told me that the hospital was obligated to safeguard the records for only 10 years - so there is a good chance that my records have been destroyed. We have also called the archive section of the hospital, but nothing came up. The people were also puzzled, in my opinion, and almost everyone I talked to expressed surprise, as - I presume - nobody had requested their vaccination records from 20+ years ago. So in my c
  3. Hello everyone! I am an overseas student and I will start my PhD in the US in Fall 2018. My admit package was saying that, in accordance with the health laws of the state in which my school is located, I should be vaccinated against a number of diseases. I didn't care about this much, as I had taken all these vaccinations on the list (MMR, Tdap, Hepatitis B, etc.) in my home country. But when I went to the website of my university's health services to download the forms I have to fill, I saw that they want a much more comprehensive documentation of my vaccinations than I had initially exp
  4. Thank you! Your advice is both wise and sweet. I will certainly look into shipping as an option. As I will start the semester in late summer, I guess I could ask my mother to send me some winter clothes after I have arrived there. I also don't think I will take kitchen utensils with me. This is also brilliant advice, thank you!
  5. Wow, thank you folks! Your posts really sound reassuring. Well, I believe I'll soon have to buy a couple of big and sturdy suitcases
  6. Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so apologies if I make a mistake. I am an overseas student and I will be starting my PhD in the US in Fall 2018. This might sound like a silly question, but what do you think is the ideal number of clothes, shoes, or similar items of textiles that one should put in one's suitcase when one moves to a different country? I tried to imagine this, and I was dumbstruck when I thought about how much space some items would take - especially fluffy stuff like sweaters (a necessity for the cold climate of the city I'll live in). Add to that one coat for t
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