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  1. Just to add another anecdote to hopefully make you feel better about all of this - I'm going to be 34 this summer and will be starting a PhD at a top 5 program in biophysics. I interviewed at 4 top 10 programs and was accepted to all of them. My age was only really brought up at one of them, they seemed to view it as an asset (I got in) but it was the only school where I felt like I wouldn't fit in due to my age/background. I was also worried about being too old going in but in retrospect the schools don't seem to care at all and it was more of a matter of finding the right environment where I
  2. Hello everyone, I really loved both of these schools when I visited and it feels impossible to decide between them. I'm laying out some logistical things here and would welcome any insights that might help me decide. UCSF Pros: - Four faculty that are close research fits and many more doing research that I am less experienced with but find fascinating - Great grad students and culture - everyone seems happy and taken care of - Excellent facilities - Seems like a truly collaborative environment Cons: - I'm moving with a partner and a big dog so livin
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