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  1. Hi Watashi, I am someone applying this upcoming season in a similar situation to yourself. While I have a GPA just over 3.5 I have numerous W's in my freshman and sophomore year. My professors have told me that a very strong writing sample and letters of recommendation should be able to outweigh my weak record for most Masters programs. I have also reached out to a number of professors at programs I am interested in for feedback on some of my work that is related to their research. I have been happily surprised to be well received by most, with a number offering to help me work on my writing sample. Hope some of this advice can help you and good luck!
  2. Hey I have been recently impressed by a few of the faculty at both SJSU and CSULB however, I have not seen them mentioned much on this forum. If anyone has more information on those two programs and would reply or DM that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Its great to already be welcomed! So my current list is: Tufts, Brandeis, NIU, UW-Milwaukee, GSU, UMSL, SFSU, Houston, Virgina Tech, and WMU. If you (or any other one) thinks I am leaving out a worthwhile MA program please let me know.
  4. Finishing up undergrad at a small liberal arts department with only one analytic professor. I plan on applying to every Masters program in the US with at least one person working in mind, language, and Phil of science each. I have been lurking this board for the last three years and am excited to finally be involved!
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