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    I’ve lived in New Haven for two years now and I can honestly answer that it is not that bad here. There is risk involved when living in any city, but I don’t think New Haven is as bad as the reputation it has from years ago. I work in the medical school area and live in East Rock. There are many Yale shuttle lines that run through areas of the city and can take you to and from work, and at night they will even take you straight to your door if you ask them to. At times there have been incidences of muggings (always off campus) and break-ins, but these are things that can happen anywhere! Also, as you said, there are extensive security measures that Yale takes. I definitely don’t ever feel like I have to be hyper vigilant when I am out with friends downtown or walking around my neighborhood. If you act smart, as one should living in any city, you should be fine. Hope this is helpful.
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