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  1. total_ noob

    MA GPA

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, folks. Sometimes this field is so competitive, it makes me worry about everything. I love what I'm doing, but there's always anxiety about grades and doing more apps next year. This seems like a good suggestion. Thanks! I'm hoping I can get out of this with an A-, but I will talk to the professor.
  2. total_ noob

    MA GPA

    Hi everyone, I'm in my first year of an MA, and it looks like I might get an A- or B+ in one of my courses. Will this hurt my application to good PhD programs when I apply next year? I know if I were still in undergrad that this probably wouldn't matter too much, but I get the sense that admissions committees have higher standards for applicants with an MA. Applicants with an MA--do you have a less than perfect grad GPA? Were you able to still do well with PhD admissions?
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