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  1. @Applied Math to Stat Appreciate the honesty. I’ve thought about doing a masters in Statistics. I realize that the ideal profile for a PhD is different from the ideal profile for a masters but wouldn’t you say that the same weaknesses in my PhD application would be exposed in masters applications as well? Thanks
  2. @Bayesian1701@statscan9 Thank you for your posts. I had a hunch that my target universities were too ambitious but I guess my statistics professor is a bit out of touch (most of the universities are his suggestion). He seems to think that if I do well on the GRE (which I have) and with my experience in data analytics at a multinational corporation, I have a good chance. I'd to refine my list to increase my chances of getting accepted. FYI. The related courses that I took were: - Calculus and Analytical Geometry III - Differential Equations -Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications - Numerical Computing -Introduction to Probability & Random Variables - INDE 303: Operations Research II As for my internship, I was using the package but also working on excel. I would say that my project was more related to analytical chemistry than statistics. With that being said, is the list below more realistic? -University of Missouri -University of Connecticut -SUNY -Stony Brook University -Penn State University I'd appreciate suggestions so I can talk to my professor and give it a shot this year at least.
  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to get an idea about my chances of getting accepted into a PhD program in statistics. I would appreciate your opinion. Undergrad Institution: American University of Beirut Major(s): Chemical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering) GPA: 3.21 Cumulative GPA Note: I have a 3.95 GPA over my last four semesters with A grades in a Statistics class and an A in an Operations Research class. My cumulative GPA is low because I didn't do as well in my first two years. One big problem is that I got Cs in the four math classes that I have taken during these two years. This is where I fear that I shouldn't be entertaining the idea of my PhD aspirations. Type of Student: Middle Eastern Male GRE: 169 Quantitative 165 Verbal 5.0 Analytical Programs Applying: PhD in Statistics Research Experience: Internship at R&D department of a manufacturing company. My project involved the use of regression and statistical learning tools in analytical chemistry. Letters of Recommendation: One from my Statistics professor. Another from my Operations research class professor. I aced both these courses. The final letter would come from my supervisor from my research internship. Computing Skills: R, Python, SQL, C++ Work Experience: Currently an Associate at Deloitte in Data Analytics. Applying to Where: Reach: Carnegie Mellon Duke University University of Pennsylvania University of Chicago Match: University of Connecticut (PhD) Texas A&M University of Texas Austin SUNY UC Santa Cruz Ohio State University Stony Brook University Penn State University University of Minnesota

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