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  1. Sorry about that! When I say employability, I mean it from how the college will assist in placements or how successful placements have been? I've been working at a foreign policy think tank, but I'm looking to head into this masters keeping all options open. I could head back to working with a think tank, or getting into consultancy or even working in academia! Not very helpful. I'm really looking for personal experience of others, which I can reflect on.
  2. Hi! So I recently gained admission to both SIPA (Columbia) and IHEID (graduate institute) for their Masters in International Affairs in Fall 2018. Neither college has given financial aid. So while financials are certainly an issue, they won't dictate where I go to study. I'm hoping that someone who either knows people in both programmes or who has experience with these courses in some way, can share some insights which can help me decide. I'm definitely looking at this from an employability perspective, and am looking to do well in the course. Thanks!
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