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  1. bubbagump17

    Fall 2019 PhD Statistics Profile Evaluation

    Thanks for all the replies so far. I'm not too set on any research areas yet, but based on what I enjoyed during undergrad I would like to look into nonparametric statistics or model selection. I would consider some programs in the 6-10 range but am somewhat hesitant because I think the letters of rec could be a bit of a wild card (I did well in classes but didn't have many strong relationships with professors) and because of my lack of research experience. I still have more research to do about the programs I listed (as well as potential additions), so hopefully working on that will help me refine the list as well.
  2. I'm considering applying to Ph.D. programs for fall 2019 cycle. I'm looking for feedback on the schools I'm looking at given my profile as well as any suggestions concerning other schools to consider. Undergrad Institution: Ivy Major(s): Math and Statistics GPA: 3.9 Type of Student: American Male GRE General Test: V: 165 Q: 167 W: 5 Programs Applying: PhD in Statistics Research Experience: None Current Position: Excel monkey at a large investment bank Letters of Recommendation: One from professor I TA'd for, other two TBD Relevant Courser Work: Math and Stat Courses: Calc 3: A, Linear Algebra: A, ODE: A, Number Theory: A-, Analysis: A-, Probability: A-, Stochastic Processes A-, Statistical Inference: A-, Linear Regression Models: A, Categorical Data Analysis: A, Applied Linear Regression/Statistical Computing: A+, Bayesian Statistics: A-, Nonparametric Statistics: A-, Stochastic Processes: A- Computing Skills: R, Java, VBA Applying to: Maryland Minnesota Ohio State Wisconsin Michigan Yale NYU Any and all advice/comments/etc. are much appreciated!

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