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  1. I am a high school graduate. I am not interested in higher studies. I am looking for a career in the trade industry. I have good problem-solving skills and I like mathematics very much. I love building things and I like to experiment things. I have a passion for welding. I am relatively new to welding. I have attended welding programs and did a 2-week course in stick welding techniques. But I don’t have much experience in welding. I have heard that welding industry has endless opportunities for skilled welders. I am working in a fabrication shop. They pay less, but I am continuing it just to gain experience and I want to learn more. I want to enhance my skill in welding. The other problem I face is, I am not certified in welding. Welders need to get certified to avail more opportunities. How can I get certified?
  2. I am newbie to this forum. Thank you for having me here. I have a suggestion. Why don't you have a newbie introduction category in the forum?
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