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  1. vestigialtraits - This post is very insightful and inspirational - thank you! The graduate program at Georgia Tech to which I've been admitted is expensive, as is living in Atlanta, and any current positions I have will fail to assuage the damage to my finances. For me, however, the experience is one which I have aspired to endure and I am excited for the process. That said, I am certainly glad to read posts such as yours, as each counters my doubts to degree. Always remember: any choice you make can be framed as a success! All the best with you current (and future) adventure(s)!
  2. I too was the type of student who preferred to sit in the back of the classroom and teach myself the material on my own. It can be difficult to kindle meaningful relationships with professors in this case. As I began to consider graduate studies, and similarly letters of recommendation, I decided to find different ways of interacting with professors. For me, I had success with merely emailing professors with inquiries regarding coursework or projects, even when I was fairly clear on that which I sought clarity. These actions conveyed my interest in the material and my professors' expertise - t
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