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  1. Hello Everyone! I was an international student. I finished my undergraduate study in the US. I spent my first 2 years in a state university studying engineering, then I transferred to a public university which has a prestigious (commonly ranked as top 10) engineering program, and got a computer engineering degree there. Unfortunately, my GPA is low. I have a decent GPA in the first two years, however ever since I transferred, I had a hard time coping with pressure at this university which is known for its competitive environment. Also, some family emergencies also made me burned out. In the end, I graduated with a cumulative 4-year GPA around 3.03, where my last two year GPA is around 2.5. So I just directly gave up applying for grad schools. Then I went back to my home country and started to work for a US software company as an SDE, where most of my colleagues hold master degrees. I worked pretty hard and I also read through programming books and study OS stuff, hoping that I can bridge the gap between my peers and me. It's been 1 year and a half now, and my manager was pretty satisfied with my performance. My performance rating is above the company median and I just got promoted. I still hope that I can head back to graduate school one day. But there are a lot of questions. 1. Most schools set the minimum GPA requirement to 3. I don't have a good GPA growing trend, so I don't know which school should I apply for. 2. My company is not very well-known and I feel that I can learn very little from my current position now. After one year of work, I feel that I have learned most stuff required for this position. Also, my manager is reluctant to let me pursue a graduate degree. Should I change my job first? Should I work another year before applying for grad school? Thank you in advance.

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