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    Topic---Laws should not be rigid or fixed. Instead, they should be flexible enough to take account of various circumstances, times, and places. RESPONSE laws are the ways to govern the democratic country precisely and faithfully. To make the judgement fair it is very important to make the laws flexible as per the situations, different regions and different time period. Because the crime done may vary according to the situations. for example, a person may harm others intentionally or unintentionally-like they may harm other either for money or to take revenge or to save themselves, so the laws should be different for people who does it intentionally and who does it unintentionally. It may be unfair to sentence death penalty for someone who did crime to save themselves. Also the laws must vary according to places-like buying a property. The law must define the places which are legal to have as a personal property and and the places like forest must be reserved by the law. laws must also vary according to time period. The people who lived before had variant aspects of thinking and practicing things than the today's world. For example, people were allowed to have as many children before, but as the need to control the population emerged, the law was needed to be changed to control the population and so today only two children are allowed in each nuclear family. Also there was no law before to prevent hunting of animals for various reasons like food, exporting, making coats,etc. due to which many species of animals are on verge of extinct. To prevent the remaining species it is very important to protect them in sanctuaries or zoo or national parks. So as the time changes, the conditions tends to change ans so the laws are required to be modified accordingly. However, it is also important to keep the laws fixed in different situations. If they are changed frequently, it will be very difficult to handle the crimes by the authorities because the same crime under same circumstances and in similar time period may be judged differently due to changes in law and hence people might rebel because of the unfairness they will face. For example, charlie murdered joey and as per the law is at that time, he is sentenced to death, while after some time suppose the law is changed to prison of 10 years for a murder and if ross murdered ted then he will only receive a prison for 10 yrs which will be very unfair to charlie. The laws are the backbone of governing the country and the experts and authorities must put a lot of thought into making them so that they will be fair for everyone and on other hand they should be flexible enough to adopt according to situations, places and time period. PLEASE GRADE MY RESPONSE AND GIVE SUGGESTIONS. IT WILL BE REALLY HELPFUL. THANK YOU.

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