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  1. I'm a U of A alum, so I know the area pretty well. Tuscaloosa has really changed a lot since the tornado in 2011 and even a considerable amount in the last 2-3 years. It's still very much a college town, and an SEC town. As far as housing goes, the closer you get to campus, quality goes down and price goes up. The area near the stadium is mostly populated with undergrads, most of whom live with roommates in that area. If you are eligible for faculty parking, it makes a lot of sense to live a little further away. Tuscaloosa's downtown has made significant improvements in recent years and has some very nice housing. Otherwise, many faculty live across the river in the suburb of Northport. It's a bit more tranquil and an easy commute. On that note, I would highly recommend against anything near Skyland blvd. The commute is slow and the area is unsafe. As for activities, it really depends what you're into. Tuscaloosa is horrible outside until October. Birmingham is 50 miles away and usually has a lot going on.
  2. Laramie native here, did not attend UWYO, but have many friends/family that did. Laramie is very much a small college town and if you're coming from a bigger city will seem fairly isolated. Fort Collins, CO, home of Colorado State University is 60 miles away, Cheyenne, WY is 45, and Denver, CO, the closest big city is 150. Denver Airport is the one most people in Laramie fly in and out of, Laramie Airport is tiny and has very limited service. As for recreation, it's great if you're into outdoor activities. Plenty of great places to run, bike, fish, camp, hunt, hike, etc. Medicine Bow National Forest isn't far and has a small ski area called Snowy Range. Otherwise it's about 120 miles to Steamboat, CO which is a major resort with world class skiing. Winter Park and Copper resorts are within about 3 hours drive as well, under good conditions. As far as housing goes, there is a lot of UW housing for grad students that ranges in age, style, and quality. There are some newer townhouse style buildings that are quite nice, I believe they are called Bison Run, but the older stuff isn't very nice. Otherwise, off-campus housing is mostly older houses. There are some apartments, but the houses vastly outnumber them. Again, I never attended UW so what I know comes from what I've heard.
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