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  1. Omer.B

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Congratulations, both of you Great news!
  2. Omer.B

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Thanks! MM. I was told that non-Juilliard graduates will have hard time being accepted to their DMA. So I wouldn't take their rejection as a too meaningful one...
  3. Omer.B

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Good luck with the interviews, guys! Just received an invite for a Composition interview at Juilliard yesterday
  4. Omer.B

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    I'm a composer as well. Will gladly commiserate with you if I survive the nerve-racking waiting. Where did you apply, if I may?
  5. Omer.B

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Hey there! I just started my application process for Fall 2019 as well (composition) Trying my shots at Juilliard, Columbia, Yale, NEC, McGill, Northwestern, UChicago & UC Berkeley. Just had my not-so-glamorous GRE a few days ago... but with all other factors of my application I hope it will be Ok!

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