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  1. Sacklunch- Thank you for your reply, my interests are quite broad I admit. I’d say partly due to the fact I’ve always enjoyed a holistic approach to learning. Religion has long fascinated me even before I found faith. I guess my rationale is, obviously the word is only spread through evangelism and those who understand how best to proselytizing and teach. However, at the same Its long been the history, people, nations, and movements that influence the way those are looked at, taught, and how they connect us. I guess part of my issue, Is I not only want to better understand the doctrine
  2. Hello Everyone, In quick summary, I should be completing my bachelors within a year in a non-religious field and have been contemplating and researching pursuing a masters. I am hoping to use this education to work primarily in an “educational” environment, by this I do not necessarily mean an academic role, but I am not looking currently extensively looking to follow a pastoral/evangelical route though at a future time possibly. To elaborate a bit more to explain my desires: Things I would most enjoy doing: -Leading Bible Studies, church history studies, etc. -Apologetics
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