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  1. Thank you for all of your advice! ? I'll look into those program and definitely look for the funding!
  2. Yup, I've already narrowed down the list of programs in Education as well as Linguistics departments, I was also curious if there would be similar programs in Rhet/comp programs but I haven't been finding many. So far, I've seen a few professors that have interests in multilingual writing in these kinds of departments, though some seem to be more focused on English-dominant contexts and L1 users of English rather than L2 writers. Thanks for your suggestions!
  3. Hi all. I'm in the middle of a MA TESL program, and I did my BA in English literature. I plan on applying to PHD programs in the Fall relating to second language studies, but recently I feel my interests have leaned toward composition pedagogy for L2 learners of English and multilingual writing practices. I've done some looking around at English and r/c departments that have professors with those interests, but there doesn't seem to be too many. I was wondering if there were any programs in Rhet/Comp that have professors with interests in these areas, or if a Rhet/Comp Phd would be suitable for someone of my interests. I'm also worried that I wouldn't be qualified for a phd in r/c, as I haven't really taken any courses related to r/c (I guess there wouldn't be much overlap with literary theory), though I have done a bit for reading and research for my thesis, which will be broadly related to how writers learn how to write in a new genre. I'm planning to take a course in composition theory next semester, and will be working in my universities writing center, so hopefully I can get more experience there and produce some writing samples in time for applications. If anyone can suggest any programs or advice, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
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