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  1. For those currently in graduate school who have an undergraduate degree different than their grad program, how many classes were you required to take to make up any deficiencies in your record before you were allowed to proceed in your program? I have a BS in physics and am interested in applying to meteorology/atmospheric science programs and I'd like to get an idea how others who've done a different but related BA/BS transitioned. Thanks!
  2. Since the political climate (no pun intended) ebbs and flows with each new administration, I wouldn't alter my plans simply because of one disastrous administration. Trump & Co. will be out of the White House one day. Unfortunately, the incredulity and enmity that so many in the US feel about anthropogenic climate change will not change much in the meantime. While we all know that academia is supersaturated with applicants vying for very few jobs, there are many different paths you could take in atmospheric science. I encourage you not to give up simply because of the public's rancour against climate scientists, though I understand the frustration. If atmospheric science is what you're passionate about, then you should pursue it. Perhaps one day you can contribute in helping to change the public's perception about the realities of climate change.
  3. Will filing for academic bankruptcy and voiding all of my previous undergraduate coursework reflect badly on me when applying for graduate school? You may wonder why I've chosen to do this. Believe me when I say, my transcript is BAD. I made this drastic decision not only to do better this time around but also to prove to myself that the student I am now is different than the one I was before. Since the voided coursework will remain on my transcript, I'm worried that this may reflect badly on my grad school application. And yes, I realize that time is still a long ways away since I voided the coursework.

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