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  1. Ok then I will try to get these things written in my letters. Thanks a lot for all your helpful advices ? @Stat PhD Now Postdoc
  2. Thanks a lot for your replies ? @ Stat PhD Now Postdoc: I see, then I save my money from applying to UK universities. Many thanks. Could you suggest me some other good schools in which I could have a shot beside the ones I mentioned? @ bayessays: In the General Math for Economics exam there was also Linear Algebra (15h) in which I studied stuff like vectors, norms, matrices, determinants, ranks, matrix inversion, linear eq systems, cramer and rouchècapelli theorems, symmetrical matrices and spectral theorem, orthogonality, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, diagonalization, quadratic forms, symme
  3. I just scored 161 V (88%) and 164 Q (86%) on GRE, what should I do? Should I retake it? I know I can do better on quant part but I hate studying for GRE, I don't learn anything... I update my list for US PhD: UC Davis, UCLA, UCSB, Penn State, Yale, Duke, UC Irvine, UPenn. Should I add/remove some uni? Do I have chances in getting in one of these?
  4. Hi everyone, My goal is to apply for a good PhD program in Statistics (not applied) in EU zone or US Profile: Bachelor in Economics, cum laude, in a small Italian university GPA 3.8/4 Master's degree in Economics and Finance, ongoing, current GPA 4/4, in a famous Italian university + Erasmus exchange in a famous German Uni Exams (both degrees): General Mathematics (Calculus I, II) B+, Intro Statistics A-, Financial Mathematics A, Statistics Theory A, Econometrics A+, Time Series A+, Optimization A-, Game Theory A+, Panel Data A+, Probability Theory, Numerical Methods and Machine Lea
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