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  1. On 12/22/2018 at 2:26 PM, FirstYear said:

    So I am naturally terrible at standardized tests. I had this same problem back when I was taking the SATS and it prevented me from getting into better undergraduate institutions. My GRE was 157V/152Q/3.5AW. HOWEVER, my undergraduate Institution requires Comprehensive Exams to graduate, and I passed those with Honors. Unfortunately, that was this past Fall and will not be shown on the transcripts I used to apply. :( 

    The lesson is that GRE scores have no bearing on what you know about your science. Your GRE score only reflects how well you do on the GRE. That's it.


    I agree. Plus, there are many graduate programs who do not require it as part of the admissions process. Harvard and Northwestern are two examples for the 2019 application cycle. 

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