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  1. This is tricky. I was facing a similar decision and just recently chose UCSF over Yale. The best advice I got was to go where you feel most comfortable. UCSF had a friendly, open vibe that I did not get on the east coast. There's something to be said for leaving home, but you can always do that for your postdoc/job after grad school. At the end of the day though you're likely going to succeed wherever you go! You've already been accepted to both schools, so don't let self doubt get you down! Happy to chat over DM, too!
  2. Undergrad Institution: State flagship school, R1 researchMajor(s): Biology, cell/molecularMinor(s): Chemistry, musicGPA in Major: 3.99Overall GPA: 3.993Position in Class: Top 5% Magna Cum LaudeType of Student: Domestic white femaleGRE Scores:Q: 161V: 164W: 4.5B: Not takingResearch Experience: 2 years in current cell biology lab, including 1 gap year full time as lab manager. 1 summer NIH internship program in immunology lab, 1 previous semester in undergraduate intro-to-research program in a biochem lab. 1 3rd author publication in submission process. Upcoming poster at ASCB meeting.Awards/Hon
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