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  1. Hi! I am a lab manager planning on applying to dev psych programs this fall as well. Here is my list: Brown, UTAustin, UMich, Boston College, UMinnesota, Duke, Harvard, Yale, NYU, UC Berkeley. I have not taken the GRE yet, which is super annoying. I was studying really hard and had planned on taking it on April 13th. Then everything went to shit...my study plan got majorly derailed. I lost motivation honestly. I started wondering if programs would even be accepting grad students this fall (and honestly I still am). I also was faced with possibly losing my job, and went into a major existential crisis. Things are better now and I've calmed down a bit. I am working remotely and living with my parents far away from the university I was employed at, which certainly isn't how I envisioned 2020, but at least I'm saving money. I do still feel pretty overwhelmed though. Work has been really busy, I'm currently developing three different studies. I feel like there's so many grad school related things I should be doing. Have you reached out to advisors yet? I haven't...my PI advised me that profs are dealing with a ton of stress and uncertainty right now, so it might not be the best idea. I haven't started working on my personal statement(s) either yet, which is giving me major anxiety. I also want to submit the NSF GRFP...so much to do and so little time! Feel free to message me...happy to freak out together, or maybe we can calm each other down a bit.
  2. Honestly, I’m losing my mind. I’m currently a lab manager for a developmental lab and our world has just been entirely turned upside down. I was working on a study and only needed 15 more kids for us to write up the paper. Now we need to start the study all over through online platforms. My hours have been cut drastically. I was going to do primate research this summer as part of my job and now that’s not happening. In fact, it even seems possible that this might extend up through the fall. That is so terrifying to me. I hadn’t accomplished nearly as much in my lab manager position as I had hoped I would. I hardly got to know my PI. Everything just sucks and all day along I oscillate between feeling anxious and depressed. Who knows if labs will even be accepting grad students this year! There is just so much uncertainty and I honestly can’t take it.
  3. Congratulations!! UT Austin is my dream school and I am applying this upcoming cycle. Would you mind sharing your GRE scores?
  4. Confratulations!! Would you mind sharing your GRE scores? UT Austin is my dream school, I am applying to programs this upcoming fall.
  5. Hi everyone, I started a lab manager position two months ago at my dream lab (developmental psych). The PI is doing research that really excites me, and I want to apply to labs in the same field for graduate school. However, I have a lot of anxiety that at the end of these two years, I will not have anything on my CV with the PI's name on it aside from the description of my job. I really would love to do my own research or at least be strongly involved in one specific project so that I could get my name on a poster or be authored. But there are currently 15 different studies going on, 4 graduate students and a new one starting soon, like 20 RAs, and just so much going on! I hardly get all my managerial/administrative/IRB/hiring tasks done by the end of the day, and it seems like everyone needs something from me every 10-15 minutes. I am enjoying my job, I like being a leader, but I need to be doing research! I'm really no where closer to getting a poster or publication than I was when I graduated in May. Right now I am sort of under the impression that I won't have a chance at getting into grad school unless I have a publication. Or will working as a lab manager be good enough? I feel pretty confused as to how to navigate this situation. Was anyone a lab manager before grad school? How did you advocate for yourself?
  6. So I have a primary lab that I work in and am writing an honors thesis with. However, I decided to join another lab at my university that was of interest to me. The original plan was to do a directed study but no one was helping me determine if my topic was feasible with the current data so I gave up and said I’d just like to help with what is needed. I went to the two hour long lab meeting just to be told that I’ll be helping enter data into qualtrics. Wtf?? My whole goal here is to get my name on posters and if possible a paper. I feel awful because I just got to know the PI and was really eager to join but if there’s nothing for me to do what’s the point?? Advice? This is a psychology lab, qualitative research mainly.
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