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  1. Thanks for the info! I will be cautious when choosing which schools to send the scores.
  2. Why not? Berkeley and Washington do not view subject test scores favorably, even if the scores are excellent? Or do you mean that any score less than excellent would harm one's chances of admission to these schools?
  3. Hi everyone. As you know, Stanford requires the math subject test to be taken by Ph.D. applicants. Several other big name schools (UW, UCB, etc.) strongly recommend the test. I'm signed up to take the test, but I'm worried about my score. I'm planning to automatically send my scores to Stanford but wait until I receive the scores back (in about 5 weeks) before deciding whether to send them to other schools. Is this a good plan? What is considered a good score for a stats Ph.D. applicant? Basically, how bad would my score need to be such that sending the score would be worse than submitting no score at all? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the responses! I will just drop the class then and move on with my life (and NEVER take physics again).
  5. Hi everyone. I'm in my last year of a math and stats double major, applying for Fall 2019 Ph.D. programs in statistics. I'm currently taking Physics 1 (I don't need it at all to graduate, but I thought it would be interesting). The course is eating up a lot of my time, which could be better spent studying for the math subject test GRE and working on my research projects. Even while neglecting my research and GRE studying, I haven't had enough time to study for physics. I know it will require MUCH more effort than what I'm currently investing to get an A in the class. Without physics, I have a 4.0 major GPA, 3.98 general GPA (all my grades are As, except one B my first semester in an irrelevant gen ed). I've never withdrawn from a course before. How much will one W affect my graduate admissions, when the rest of my application is very strong? I'm applying to many top 10 schools, so I'm wondering if schools like U.C. Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford will frown upon a W in Physics 1. (Will the schools even see the W until after admissions decisions are made? Would a school revoke admission over something so minor?)
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