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  1. I know this question may seem nonsense, but I was curious how others who don't have enough knowledge in science bc they haven't studied it "read" their primary sources. I guess if those who study HST but not from science and engineering majors in undergrad tell something, that would probably be helpful for me and other students interested in HST.
  2. Hi, I'm a first-year Ph.D. student in History. Unexpectedly, I'm now being overwhelmed by enormous amounts of the assigned readings each week. The problem is TIME. To catch up the classes and readings, I have to burn out myself everyday, and my daily routine already totally collapsed, which makes situation worse and worse. Can somebody give advice?
  3. Anyone else got accepted from UNC-Chapel Hill? I hadn't even made the connection that they requested interviews with the promising applicants. Disappointed that I didn't even get the interview offer.
  4. Hi, I'm back again with another question. Now I'm majoring in history in undergraduate, and have not taken any courses in science. But, actually, I'm really interested in information science and technology, and its historical development and adaptation in management and business area. So, I want to know if I could apply for the Ph.D. program in the history of science and technology. I mean, the relevant courses taken are essential when applying for the programs in HST? If yes, should I take any courses during my left undergraduate period? I'm looking for any valuable advice!
  5. Hi everyone! Now I'm senior (but won't apply for any program for next fall), and fluent just in one foreign language (French). I know that there are language examinations in the history program and almost all schools require at least two languages, except US history. I want to know how hard this exam is. If I would learn German for a year, could I pass this language exam?
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