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  1. Hello everybody! I am a Biochemistry major and was initially intending to double major in Computer Science, but due to some issues I will be 4 classes short of a Computer Science major to graduate on time, so I will graduate with a Biochemistry major and Computer Science minor. I have done synthetic organic chemistry for one year in my school, then I did biochemistry research (isolating a bacterial compound) during one summer in my school, and another summer I did biomedical research in another school (investigating immune responses to a gut bacteria secretion). I enjoy biomedical research but I don't want to only do wet lab for my graduate education. I don't have experience with bioinformatics or computational biology research (I took a bioinformatics class and that's it) but I am interested in going for a graduate program where I get to do both experimental bio and computational and I am finding it intimidating to find programs that are good and allow for that combination. Here are my stat: My GPA is 3.64 (I am repeating a class that I got a D in so hopefully it will go up to 3.72 by the end of this term). I have great relationship with the three of my research advisors and I think they will write me very good letters I am an international student I would really appreciate some guidance :) Thanks
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