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  1. I did contact them. And got vague-ish info that the students their have a record of completing on time and get placed at academic institutions well enough. I tried to run the numbers yesterday and found that this department has placed at least 8 recent graduates in tenure track positions in the US. I think that's quite good. But to be even more specific, my concern with this place being unknown is that I am in international student (I need this university as a whole to be well known in my own country and others where I might consider living). And two, that I am from anthropology, and t
  2. Thanks, Moods! I have just been feeling concerned because this department has not published its placement data. And I have been apprehensive about whether it is because it is does not look good for them.
  3. I don't know whether to take an offer from a "not top tier, not well known, but not unknown" department. The funding is hand to mouth, but everyone there tells me they are happy. I couldn't possibly "fit" better in too many other places. I idolize this advisor too--great work, great experience, happy students. But I cannot shake off the nagging feeling that I will never be able to compete with TT jobs with PhDs from famous places. I have been a star student all my life. But do not know how to choose a grad school -- what to prioritize and what to ignore. I don't want to be jobless
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