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    MDiv vs MTS (@ HDS)

    Thanks for the response ! I've spoken to some students who are currently at HDS, and they say (as well as the program websites) that the degrees are flexible enough that you can "make them what you want", as well as take whatever MTS classes within an MDiv. Do you know if PhD programs are likely to look at what type of work a student has done within a M* rather than placing specific emphasis on the type of M*? I was also told by a former student that simply the name of an MDiv over an MTS made it difficult for them while applying for PhDs, but it was unclear why that was the case.
  2. There's also Cambridge YMCA -- $37/mo for full time students.
  3. I'm currently applying to HDS with an interest in comparative religion. I've read through several of the super useful posts on this forum, but I'm still puzzled trying to decide which M* degree I want to apply to. I'm switching fields -- from comp science in undergrad 6 years ago into religious studies; perhaps I'm missing something that's obvious about the differences between these two degrees. So -- I'm not entirely set on what I'd like to pursue afterwards, but I would like to keep a door open to pursuing an academic route (PhD). I've been told that many PhD programs don't accept an M
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