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  1. bostoff

    Where are you headed?

    Now that April 15th has come and gone, where are you headed?
  2. bostoff

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    so was i!!! i'm thrilled but fingers crossed for funding
  3. bostoff

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    that's what i figured! i reached out to my POI last semester just to ask if they were taking new students and they said yes but that's about it. i'm waiting anxiously because given all the other offers i've gotten, oregon and their funding would be the decision maker for me. but we'll see!
  4. bostoff

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    any university of oregon MA applicants? has anyone been in contact with POI or gotten accepted?
  5. bostoff

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    has anyone started hearing back? two of my colleagues heard back (acceptances) from two different schools over the past week; was wondering what the general status of MA / PhD acceptances was at this time. i know it's still early but now that i know they've started hearing back i can't stop refreshing my email!
  6. Yeah, I figured it was mainly to see what other schools students look at but I wanted to make sure before answering. Thanks!
  7. Cool, thanks! I wonder how I missed that with how often I lurk reddit lol.
  8. Basically what the title says. Some of my applications ask me what other programs I am applying to. The question is mostly optional, but should I include them in my application? Would it be a drawback or a potential benefit or just something they want for their records? Any info appreciated.
  9. bostoff

    Choosing 3rd LOR

    Hi! I'm currently applying to MA/PhD programs in Art History with a focus on modern and contemporary Latin-American art. I have two very solid letters of rec from two professors with whom I've worked closely with (TA positon, study abroad, etc). However, I'm at a loss as to who to choose for my third. I could either ask my former boss at a museum internship (I worked closely with them; they also hold a PhD in art history and was also a Latin-Americanist when they were involved in academia) or another of the professors in my department (who is a Latin-Americanist and with whom I've taken several classes; unfortunately they are only a lecturer -- non-tenure track). I'm not sure which of these two would be a better pick. Any advice is appreciated!

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