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  1. bostoff

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    has anyone started hearing back? two of my colleagues heard back (acceptances) from two different schools over the past week; was wondering what the general status of MA / PhD acceptances was at this time. i know it's still early but now that i know they've started hearing back i can't stop refreshing my email!
  2. Yeah, I figured it was mainly to see what other schools students look at but I wanted to make sure before answering. Thanks!
  3. Cool, thanks! I wonder how I missed that with how often I lurk reddit lol.
  4. Basically what the title says. Some of my applications ask me what other programs I am applying to. The question is mostly optional, but should I include them in my application? Would it be a drawback or a potential benefit or just something they want for their records? Any info appreciated.
  5. bostoff

    Choosing 3rd LOR

    Hi! I'm currently applying to MA/PhD programs in Art History with a focus on modern and contemporary Latin-American art. I have two very solid letters of rec from two professors with whom I've worked closely with (TA positon, study abroad, etc). However, I'm at a loss as to who to choose for my third. I could either ask my former boss at a museum internship (I worked closely with them; they also hold a PhD in art history and was also a Latin-Americanist when they were involved in academia) or another of the professors in my department (who is a Latin-Americanist and with whom I've taken several classes; unfortunately they are only a lecturer -- non-tenure track). I'm not sure which of these two would be a better pick. Any advice is appreciated!

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