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  1. Hi, I also applied to the PDE masters program for Fall 2019 but have yet to hear back from them (currently in-state.) I submitted my application sometime early December. Do you know when the admissions decisions are coming out? I received a 158Q, 155V, 5.5W.
  2. Hi, I'm currently a fifth year mechanical and aerospace engineering students at a top public university in California and have been looking for programs I might have a decent chance applying to. Attached below are my stats and I was wondering if anyone could give me any pointers on where to look at/ evaluate schools I'm currently interested in. Also I just want to know- are my grad school dreams doomed? I just took the GRE today and didn't do so great. My GRE and GPA isn't too great. I also suffer from a learning disability and have gone through some hardship, but there's overall an upward trend in my GPA where my upper division coursework is at a 3.5 GPA in all technical courses. Here it goes: GRE: Q: 158, V: 155 (still waiting on writing) Undergraduate GPA (cumulative): 3.115 ** Part of why my GPA was low came from my first two years of college where I was going through some difficult times personally and financially, but once I was able to finally start taking core mechanical and aerospace classes, I did significantly better and brought up my previous 2.6 up to the 3.115 it is now. Engineering GPA: 3.405, dean's list several quarters Major: Double majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering Experience: 2 years in a research lab with practical design/build/fly/ controls experience, 1 year doing computational and theoretical aerodynamics research- acknowledged in a paper, president of the AIAA branch at my school, six-month internship/co-op at SpaceX and Tesla, and have worked on a lot of projects within industry and academia that are still being used today (code, hardware devices, etc.) Not sure if that matters though... Schools I'm looking at: USC, University of Washington, UC Davis (for their mech/aero grad program), still looking for other prospective grad schools to apply to but want to try staying in California. What I want to get out of a master's degree: Studying mechanical and aerospace was a dream of mine that I had later in my life and academic career and finally made the switch from a liberal arts major to my current double major two years ago. I've really enjoyed mentoring undergraduates in courses I've taken in the past, am involved with aviation and aerospace clubs on campus, and really enjoy doing research in my field- though I haven't been able to publish since I took some time off school for my co-ops. I'm grateful for any advice, and thanks in advance
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